Year 3

Your class teachers are:

Sycamore – Mrs Knight

Willow – Mrs Rogers

Beech – Mr Carter


Here are some home learning links and resources
that we would like you to look at:

These activities go alongside the Maths and Literacy activities.


Your response to our home learning activities have been fantastic this year.

We have loved seeing them! Here are some more activities that you might want to complete over the coming weeks.


We are Celts!

·      Design a Celtic Shield. There are some great ideas online to look at.

·      Make the shield out of cardboard.

·      Design the face paint of a Celtic warrior.

·      Find out about Boudicca – horrible histories have some great videos about her.

·      Make a roundhouse. Use the template to help you. Maybe you could create a village!


We are Beekeepers!

This is our new topic for the first half of the summer term.

·      Draw and label a bee. Can you label the different parts?

·      Bees are amazing! Can you find out some amazing facts? What do they do for us?

·      Try some honey! What is honey? It might not be what you think!

·      Can you create some art using hexagons?

·      What is pollination?

·      Make a bee!

·      Plant some seeds that will attract bees!

·      Have a look at the Quince Honey Farm website. Where is it?


Other activities.

·      Send someone a kind message.

·      Help a grown up cook a meal or bake a cake.

·      Write a diary of your time away from school.

·      Do a little bit of gardening.



These are just suggestions to help you over the next few weeks.

We hope to see you all very soon.

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