Year 2

Your class teachers are:

Otters – Mrs Hooper and Mrs Wilson

Seals – Mrs Wellbeloved

Dolphins – Mrs Gallagher and Mrs Bradford



NEW Home Learning Booklet 6th July

Here are the new tasks prepared for you by your teachers to work on at home over the next couple of weeks. Your teachers suggest you work on these tasks 'little and often' - for about 20-30 minutes at a time to spread the tasks out. If you have any problems please contact your class teacher.

If you need a printed copy please contact to arrange.

Previous Home Learning Booklets 22nd June Part 1 / Part 2


Helpful Guide to Grammar and Terminology

We have put together some ideas and activities for you and your child(ren) to work on:  


Useful websites:                     

In your Home Learning book you will find a list of fun practical activities to teach money, time, measure and fractions.

You may also wish to practise previous Arithmetic and Reasoning SATs papers which you can find online at:

Other years are available by changing the year within the website address.


Practise letter formation and handwriting (the guide for this is in the front of your Home Learning book).

Spell and read the Common Exception words (found at the back of your Home Learning book) and learn the weekly spellings for next term.

Read regularly with your child and take the opportunity to discuss the text, predicting and answering questions to ensure understanding and comprehension.

These can include books from home, comics, etc as well the reading book from school.

Encourage your child to keep a Journal/Diary. This could include drawings, photos, labels and writing.

Children could write their very own Katie Morag story, a letter to a one of the islanders or even a character description of their favourite person in the story

(there are lots of Katie Morag episodes on cbeebies to inspire them).

You may wish to practise previous Comprehension and SPAG SATs papers which you can find online at:



Our next Science Topic is “We are Explorers”.  You may wish to research and compare different habitats across the world and discuss which animals live there and why.


Coding: the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Code and can continue to access their lessons online at:


Look at the work of the local painter, Victoria Goodman online. Can you draw and colour in her style?

Copy parts of her paintings or create your own using the view from your window.

Research the work of environmental artists, create your own sculpture using things like sticks, shells, pebbles, feathers and leaves.

Thank you for your continued support.

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