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Statement of Intent

Withycombe Raleigh C of E Primary School, Exmouth is a Church School established in 1865 to provide a Christian basis for the education of children.  The school’s aim is to continue this tradition by introducing the children to the teachings of Jesus within a community that puts the Christian principles of love and care into practice.

The school also aims to provide high standards of teaching and learning by promoting an agreed range of practice to ensure consistency and progression for all its pupils.

The aims are achieved through:

  • Developing open and secure relationships which promote good communications and a shared understanding

  • Engaging and challenging the whole child by developing a range of skills and abilities through a curriculum that offers a wide variety of experience

  • Insisting on high standards of behaviour and polite conduct respecting the needs of others.

  • Promoting and motivating individuals to take responsibility for their actions and to be aware that they are stewards of their environment

  • Providing a well-resourced and orderly learning environment where high standards of work and presentation are seen as models of excellence

  • Developing a committed school community which uses its full potential to work as a team for the common good in a supportive and positive manner

The following School documents support the Statement of Intent:

  • Home School Partnership Agreement

  • The Behaviour Management Policy, Code of Conduct and Restraining Policy

  • The School’s Home Learning Policy

  • The National Curriculum Framework and School Programmes of Study

  • Every Child Matters in RE Agreed Syllabus 2008

  • The School’s Policy for Teaching & Learning

  • The School Timetable for Extra Curricular Activity

  • The School’s Special Educational Needs Policy

  • The School’s Policy and Programme for Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship

  • The School’s Policies for Acts of Worship, Health and Sex Education, Equal Opportunity, Prevention of Bullying, Child Protection Policy, Racism and Substance Use and Misuse

  • The School’s Policy for Health and Safety

  • The School’s Assessment and Marking Policies

The following practices support the Statement of Intent:

  • Newsletters and communication through school website and home learning

  • Open Evenings, Parent Consultations and Pre-School Home Visits

  • Target setting for both groups of children and individuals

  • Award Systems linked to targets and positive reinforcements

  • Annual Written reports

  • School Ethos Council

  • Multi-agency Networking

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