School Uniform


We expect that all children will come to school dressed smartly and presented well.

Uniform for everyone:
Jumpers - bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo.
School tie - green and brown striped.
Black school shoes - not fabric, pumps, trainers or sandals please.

Hair and Jewellery
In the interests of Health and Safety, it would be preferred that no jewellery of any kind is worn and long hair is tied back. However, for those children with pierced ears, a stud will be accepted, but this must be removed or taped for PE activities and removed for Swimming. No large colourful fashion bows or headbands (such as unicorn horns or kitten ears) to be worn please, except for mufti days. Plain headbands and discreet green bows to match our uniform are permitted.

Uniform for girls

White shirt/blouse with a school tie
Grey trousers, culottes, skirt or pinafore dress
Grey tights, grey or white socks

Green and white gingham dress (not striped)
White socks

NEW girls can now wear a white polo-shirt or blouse, and a grey skirt/culottes with white socks as summer uniform. Ties are not required.

Book Bags
All pupils should have a separate book bag for their
books. These are available from PROSERVE with the
school logo.

Label everything!
Please label everything your child brings or wears to school - that way we can reunite them with their lost items. Please also label any kit worn to after school clubs, and clothing worn for mufti days.

Uniform for boys

White shirt with a school tie
Long grey trousers (not black, please) or NEW boys can now wear shorts all year if they wish.
Grey or black socks

Short sleeved, white polo shirt - ties are not required
Short grey school trousers
Grey or black socks

Our uniform suppliers are:
PROSERVE based at
Unit 3,
Dinan Way Trading Estate,
Tel: 01395 222975.



ShipShape Uniforms & Workwear Ltd

18 Albion Street




Tel: 01395 262216

Mobile: 07889 180044

Uniform for PE

Green polo shirt with school logo
Black PE shorts
White or grey long socks to accommodate shin pads
Black pumps/trainers

A tracksuit can be worn for outdoor PE in colder weather which should be plain black with minimal branding.

PE Kit should be available in school every day and
carried in a suitable, named bag.


Pre-loved Uniform
The PTFA collects uniform donations from children who have grown out of them, or have moved on. These are then available to buy at very reasonable prices, raising funds for the PTFA.

School uniform sales are held several times a year, including at the Summer and Christmas fair, and other events. We'll let you know on our Facebook page when there is a pre-loved uniform sale coming up!

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