Your Class Teachers 2022-23

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Mrs Jones

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Deputy Headteacher

Mr Smith

Business Manager

Nicola Hart


Office Tean

Victoria Wilson

Lynsey Bull

Kitchen Manager

Mrs Sharland


Site Manager

Mr Gorman


Clare Hollingsworth

Emotional Wellbeing/Parent Support TAs:

Louise Jones

Michelle McFarlane

Communications Officer

Sarah Smart, email


Click here for a plan of the school to see where your classroom is. Please note some class locations have swapped within their year block.


Assistant Headteacher

Foundation / Key Stage 1 Lead

Miss Lee


Ladybird Class: Mrs Fleming and Mrs Meredith 

Bumblebee Class: Mrs Lock

Dragonfly Class: Miss Lee and Mrs Land 

Foundation TA Team: Ben Stranks,

Linda Ward, Jude Greenaway, Stacey Haynes, Maddie Rogers, Jo Louis.


Year 1:

Hedgehog Class: Mrs Parker, Mrs Pritchard

Rabbit Class: Mrs Hamilton

Barn Owl Class: Mrs Hooper, Mrs Wilson

Year 1 TA Team: Louise Ireland, Carmaine Asselman, Linzi Hawkins, Jess Greenaway,

Carol Upcott, Danielle Corser, Caroline Samson, Carmaine Asselman.


Year 2:

Otter Class: Mrs Neesam, Mrs Warren

Seal Class: Mrs Wellbeloved

Dolphin Class: Mr Carter

Year 2 TA Team: Sue Williams, Shelley Dixon,

Laura Badger, Neen Bond, Fiona Scholes,

Ben Stranks, Megan Barnes, Shelley Dixon,

Neen Bond.

TA Teams include specialist 1:1s, part time or job share staff, so there may not appear to be an equal number.

PPAs are not shown but they cover classes for half a day each week. This includes L&F Multi Sports where PPA is a PE session.

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Assistant Headteacher

Key Stage 2 Lead

Mrs Wheeler

Year 3:

Sycamore: Mrs Edwards

Willow: Mrs Rogers

Beech: Mrs Wilson, Mrs Vivian

Year 3 TA Team:

Amanda Luxton, Michelle Mcfarlane,

Stacey Haynes,  Kate Findlay Wilson,

Bev Gorman, Tracy Rickards-Flynn,

Sarah Avery, Sally George, Sarah Biggs.


Year 4:

Oak: Mrs Guest

Maple: Mr de Cruz

Hazel: Miss Williams

Year 4 TA Team: Hermione Pantony,

Sarah Vaughan, George Ertle,

Sammy Satchell, Carol Chapman,

Katie White, Megan Barnes, Mel Standfast, Beauty Alam.


Year 5:

Sandpipers: Mr Scudder

Lapwings: Mrs Rose

Avocet: Mrs Ryan 

Year 5 TA Team: Rita Tkchova, Emma Hartley, Emma Tilley, Laura Farrimond, Jayde Smith, Gerry Williams.


Year 6:

Kestrels: Mr Overton, Mrs Wilson

Kingfishers: Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Rhodes

Osprey: Mrs Rose and Mrs Harris

Year 6 TA Team: Jo Wibberly, Caroline Lang, Sarah Biggs, Laura Farrimond, 

Sammy Satchell, Anna Jones.