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Thank You!

Together you raised just under £500 -

that's 500 more trees being planted!



We had a mufti day in school on Friday 15th October 2021 to raise funds. Just One Tree makes it simple for everyone to contribute to collective action on the climate crisis, because just £1 plants 1 tree. 


​Just One Tree have teamed up with a network of reforestation partners in specific poverty-stricken locations that already have an existing working infrastructure. They raise awareness of how cheap and simple it is to plant trees. It's through spreading the word to individuals and partnering with businesses that they're able to fund these projects. And in doing so, not only do they help prevent Global Warming, they also improve the lives of the communities, providing them with agricultural education and sustainable incomes for a better future.  You can read more about the Just One Tree initiative on their website here.

These are the countries that receive trees from this project - can you tell which countries they are?


Our work so far:

Last year our school voted to send our tree saplings to Madagascar!

Here are some of the things we did to mark Just One Tree day last time, which was when school was still closed for lockdown.

Dragonfly Class Mufti Day

Enjoying the trees at Woodbury Fort.

Niamh collected some fallen leaves and made a collage... she downloaded the Woodland Trust app to help identify the trees and looked at how the way the trees characteristics can help us work out what we’re looking at!

Niamh has looked at the different countries and chose Mozambique as her preferred country to plant a tree... she thought the elephant in the photo looked incredibly lonely and without a home!

This is Hannah and Thomas at Woodbury Common where they enjoyed looking at the trees round Woodbury Fort.

Eloise is donating a very generous £5 from her pocket money! Thank you Eloise - we love your face paints!

Izzy was spotting trees on her daily walk!

Find our class icons!

Find our class icons!

Is the hazel tree tricky to identify?

How about a sycamore tree?

Leila collected different tree leaves recently.

Is an oak tree easy to spot? How about trying to find some acorns?

Would you recognise a willow tree?

Could you spot an ash tree?

Can you find a beech tree on your daily walk?

Have you seen any maple trees?

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