Join in at home - Friday 22nd May - scroll down for photo gallery!

We had planned to have an in-school mufti day to raise money for Just One Tree - we now invite you to take part from home instead!

Here are some ideas for how you can mark Just One Tree day on Friday 22nd May:

  • You could wear green from head to toe!

  • You could wear your green school jumper for a change!

  • You could create some lovely artwork of your favourite trees.

  • You could count the different types of tree you see if you go for a walk on Friday.

  • You could collect some leaves to take home and find out the names of our local trees.

Whatever you decide to do on Friday 22nd May, share your photos with us and we'll add them to our special photo gallery.

Just One Tree makes it simple for everyone to contribute to collective action on the climate crisis

because Just £1 plants 1 Tree. 

Voluntary donations of £1 can be made via your Parent Pay account.


​Just One Tree have teamed up with a network of reforestation partners in specific poverty-stricken locations that already have an existing working infrastructure. They raise awareness of how cheap and simple it is to plant trees. It's through spreading the word to individuals and partnering with businesses that they're able to fund these projects. And in doing so, not only do they help prevent Global Warming, they also improve the lives of the communities, providing them with agricultural education and sustainable incomes for a better future.

You can read more about the Just One Tree initiative on their website here.

Voting Closed

You could find out more about the different countries where our trees could be planted on the Just One Tree 'Where We Plant' page.


The Country with the most votes was Madagascar!

Voting closed at 10pm on Friday 22nd May.

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