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Thank you to everybody who took part and donated - you raised enough for 45 food boxes to be given to families in Kibera. Each box feeds a family for a whole week!

The children have been inspired by this project and have come up with their own ideas for how we can fundraise. Ideas include dance-athons, kindness activities, and a 4-part marathon art session.

4Challenge will be the focus of all learning for the day on 11th February, both at home and in school.

Each child will take part in some form of 4Challenge activity. Look out for further details on SeeSaw or Tapestry.

As always we are an inclusive school and all children are invited to take part. If you are able, voluntary donations of between £1 and £4 can be made via your ParentPay account.


Chris Omondi and Peter Abungu send their greetings to you all and are so grateful for your partnership in their work. They watched the interview on this page between Mrs Jones and Linda online and are so encouraged by your initiative. All the team in Kibera, and we at Hope4Kibera, wish you every blessing, success and, most importantly, fun in your special day.

NEW! Below is a special thank you message from the girls at the Bright Hope Education Centre.

They address their message to 'Dr Charlie and Withycombe Raleigh Primary School!'

stained glass

Year 3 shared their Kibera art challenge - here are a few examples, including work sent in from home.
Year 2 coloured Kenyan flags and had a go at some African-style drumming!


Watch this video: Mrs Jones and Linda Collins talk about Hope4Kibera.

Can you find Kibera on a map?


With about 800,000 people living in Kibera, you can see that the slums cover a really big area.

How does this compare to the population of Exmouth? Can you find out?

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