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Year 6

Your class teachers are:

Kestrels: Mr Overton, Mrs Wilson

Kingfishers: Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Rhodes

Osprey: Miss Rose and Mrs Harris

Year 6 TA Team: Mrs Wibberly, Mrs Lang, Mrs Biggs, Miss Farrimond, Mrs Satchell, Miss Jones.

Downloads and links:

Spring Term Topic Web - WWII

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Class email addresses:  

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Year Six Tiverton Museum Educational Visit – January 2023

In January, to support learning within our World War 2 topic, we have booked a fantastic trip to Tiverton Museum. This will take place on Monday 16th January 2023. Children will be spending the whole day at the museum, where they will take part in educational workshops relating to rationing, evacuation and the 'home front'. If you are able to accompany us on this trip, please email your child’s class teacher in the first instance. Please be aware that we only have space for one additional adult per class.

Our visit will take place within the usual timings of the school day. We will leave school at 9am and return to school by 3.10pm.
Children will need the following:

  • School uniform and a coat, with comfortable shoes or trainers.

  • A packed lunch and water to drink. If your child is entitled to free school meals and would like a school packed lunch from our kitchen please also let us know by Monday 9th January. Don’t forget to cancel any pre-booked lunches on ParentPay.

  • Any medication, (to be handed in to teachers) including travel sickness pills, inhalers etc. All medication will need a medical administration form (which can be collected from the school office) - travel sickness pills for the outward journey should be taken at home please). Please note that they bring these at their own risk.

  • It is optional that children might like to bring a small game (e.g. Top Trumps) to keep them amused on the journey (no electronic devices, including mobile phones

Please contact any of the Year Six team if you have any questions or concerns.

Year 6 residential is under way - look at the fab weather we have!

Click the button below for loads more photos from the Year 6 residential!

Sideshore Sea Safety Project, September 2022

This week, 180 of our Withycombe children (Year 5 and 6) took part in the first ever ‘Sideshore Sea Safety Project’. This project was set up the following aims:

  • To inspire and motivate all children to use and respect the local environment

  • To equip and educate all children with the lifesaving skills necessary if they should unintentionally fall into water

  • To provide education and guidance on safe sea swimming and self-rescue

We hope to reschedule the ‘swimming’ part of the Year 6 day and include it within Activities Week to ensure that our Year 6 children do not miss out.


The children started their beach sessions with a ‘meet the lifeguard’ talk from the RNLI beach lifeguards, who carefully explained the flag system on the beach and gave helpful tips on safer sea swimming. The children then completed a series of land based games and sea swimming activities learning about self-rescues, hazard spotting and cold water shock.

The children absolutely loved the sea swimming sessions and were already asking to go again before they walked back to school. There have been a LOT of smiles on the beach over the last two days and many members of the public have commented on how wonderful our Withycombe children are. Despite the red flag on day one, this project has been a huge success and highlighted the importance of taking care of the environment and checking that it is safe to swim even more. 

Huge thanks to Edge Watersports, Sideshore learn to swim initiative for funding the event, Jane Hushon (Swim Devon) and the super team that we have here at Withycombe who worked hard behind the scenes to make this all come together.

We made the papers!

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