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Talking to your children about the coronavirus

The British Psychological Society says it is vital to talk openly to children and reassure them about the changes they are seeing around them due to Coronavirus.

You can find more from them here

This report from Newsround might be helpful

Here are some downloads for you to talk to your children about (examples below)

Some children find that following a routine, or schedule, helps them to feel settled and safe.
This schedule has been shared online so we thought you might find it worth considering as an example.

Mrs Hollingsworth has shared this download designed to help talk to SEND children about the coronavirus.

Here are some more ideas to keep your children fit and active while they are at home. 


Saints South West PE Download



Lord Jesus Christ,
you taught us to love our neighbour,
and to care for those in need
as if we were caring for you.
In this time of anxiety, give us strength
to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick,
and to assure the isolated
of our love, and your love
for your name's sake.

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