Your New Class Teachers from September 2021

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Mrs Jones

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Deputy Headteacher

Mr Smith

Other key staff:


Business Manager

Mrs Pope


Office Staff

Mrs Hart

Mrs Wilson


Kitchen Manager

Mrs Sharland


Site Manager

Mr Gorman


Mrs Hollingsworth

TA for Emotional Wellbeing

Mrs L Jones 

Communications Officer

Miss Smart, email


Click here for a plan of the school to see where your classroom is.


Assistant Headteacher

Foundation / Key Stage 1 Lead

Miss Lee

Foundation, Withycombe House:

Ladybird Class: Mrs Fleming and Mrs Olmedo 

Bumblebee Class: Mrs Lock

Dragonfly Class: Miss Lee and Mrs Land 

Foundation TA team:

Mrs Greenaway, Mr Stranks,

Mrs Ward, Mrs Hawkins


Year 1

Hedgehog Class: Mrs Parker and Mrs Pritchard

Rabbit Class: Mrs Hamilton

Barn Owl Class: Mrs Warren and Mrs Neesam

Year 1 TA team including SEN 1:1s

Mrs Sinclair, Ms Aldridge, Mrs Sansom

Mrs Williams, Mrs Ireland, Mrs Scholes


Year 2

Otter Class: Mrs Hooper and Mrs Wilson

Seal Class: Mrs Wellbeloved

Dolphin Class: Mrs Gallagher and Mrs Vivian

Year 2 TA team including SEN 1:1s

Mrs Williams, Mrs Badger, Mrs Asselman,

Mrs Tkachova, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Rikkards Flynn, Mrs Gorman, Miss Poslett



Also part of the teaching team as half day PPA to various classes: Mrs Burrows, Mrs Gheonea. L&F Multi Sports provide PE provision as part of PPA cover.

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Assistant Headteacher

Key Stage 2 Lead

Mrs Wheeler

Year 3

Sycamore – Mrs Binks and Miss Auster

Willow – Mrs Rogers

Beech – Mr Carter

Year 3 TA team including SEN 1:1s:

Miss Pantony, Mrs Luxton, Ms Ertle, Mrs White, Miss Hart, Mrs Sheehy, Mrs Alam, Mrs Gheonea


Year 4

Oak – Mr Overton and Mrs Wilson

Maple – Mr Scudder

Hazel – Miss Williams

Year 4 TA team including SEN 1:1s:

Mrs Vaughan, Mrs Williams, Mrs Smith,

Mrs Satchell, Mrs Findlay-Wilson Mrs Hartley,

Ms Ertle


Year 5

Sandpipers – Mrs Rose and Mrs Harris

Lapwings – Mrs Guest 

Avocet - Mrs Ryan and Mrs Cuthbert

Year 5 TA team including SEN 1:1s:

Miss Tilley, Mrs Ireland, Mrs McFarlane,

Mrs Tkachova, Mrs Lang, Mrs Farrimond,

Mrs Smith, Mrs Satchell, 


Year 6

Kestrels – Miss Rose

Kingfishers – Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Rhodes

Osprey - Mr de Cruz

Year 6 TA team including SEN 1:1s:

Mrs Lang, Mrs Wibberley, Mrs Biggs,

Miss Rogers, Mrs Burrows, Miss Louis