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Seal Class on WBD 2023

World Book Day fun!

Sandpiper Class

Seal Class for World Book Day 2023

On Friday the 10th of February some of our Y6 girls took part in our local Girls football tournament at Exmouth Community College. They went on to be the stage winners, progressing on to the East Devon Finals on Thursday 30th of March!

Year 2 recreated the Streets of London.

Foundation had some very special visitors!

Years 5 & 6 Sideshore Sea Safety Project, September 2022.

Thanks to Edge Watersports, Sideshore learn to swim initiative, Jane Hushon (Swim Devon) and the super team that at Withycombe who worked hard behind the scenes to make this all come together.

This project was set up the following aims: To inspire and motivate all children to use and respect the local environment. To equip and educate all children with the lifesaving skills necessary if they should unintentionally fall into water. To provide education and guidance on safe sea swimming and self-rescue.

The children started their beach sessions with a ‘meet the lifeguard’ talk from the RNLI beach lifeguards.

Years 5&6 sea swim.

Sideshore Sea Safety Project Sept 22

Diversity Day 2022

Queen's Jubilee

Each year group celebrated a different decade of the Queen's Reign!

Year 1 Jubilee Day

Year 1 Jubilee Day

Jubilee Picnic

A Jubilee Picnic!

George Satchell received his reward for reading 60 books. The first one in Rabbit Class!

Mrs Jones includes sporting achievement photos in her weekly newsletter. Well done to Mikey Carnell, Player No 15 with Brixington Blues - player of the week!

Cross Country Finals November 2021 - the boys with their well deserved trophy!

East Devon Cross Country, Nov 2021. Yrs 5/6 boys were also winners of the trophy and through to the Devon Finals! Kyle came first, a clear 100m ahead of the rest. Jack Dawson came in 3rd. Another outstanding team effort!

Bicton Cross Country, Nov 2021. Yrs 5/6 girls - Winners of the trophy and through to the Devon Finals! Tess came first, a clear 100m ahead of the rest. Bea O'Mahony came in 3rd. An outstanding team effort!

Bicton Cross Country, Nov 2021. Yrs 3/4 boys. Callum came 1st, at least 100m ahead of everybody else! He also won a 'Spirit of the Games' medal for teamwork - he shook hands and congratulated the other boys crossing the finish line! This team is possibly through to the Devon Finals after coming 2nd overall.

East Devon Cross Country, Nov 2021

East Devon Cross Country, Nov 2021. Yrs 3/4 girls. A terrific team effort, the girls were very supportive of each other. Paloma won 'Spirit of the Games' medal for great teamwork - she held back to support Isobel and let her over the line first!

Our netball teams competed on Thursday evening against other schools in Exmouth. They played a quick 4 minute each way game against some really tough competition! Our B team came 8th and our A team came 3rd. Well done Evie, Isobel, Imogen, Tom, Jo, Ella Lex, Jemmima, Summer, Poppy, Charlotte, Daisy, Evie, Bonnie, Eve, Molly, and also Sam who was unfortunately injured but was a great team supporter!

George showed us his trophy from the Rugby Club, which he was awarded for good listening and great teamwork. Well done George!

There are loads of great photos from residential on the Year 6 page!

Megan Dudman achieved her 50m distance award in swimming!

Jacob Dudman got his purple stripe belt for Mixed Martial Arts!

At Forest School we have been busy picking blackberries from the hedgerows aiming to make the most of these delicious and versatile berries before they vanish at the end of the season.

We squished, mashed, pulped and boiled them to make a natural blackberry dye before using it to create these tie dye masterpieces.

We are thrilled with the end result.

Congratulations to the Withy Foundation Team who came first in the recent walking challenge organised by Active Devon. Over 300 teams took part, with prizes for teams that reached their goal and walked the most. The Foundation Team topped the leader board by walking 5,938,121 steps and the Withycombe Primary School Team came third overall walking 5,379,954 steps across a month.

Hedgehog class have been exploring the art of Kandinksy, Matisse, Mondrian and Seurat in ICT. George Seurat’s art has been pointillism and they have recreated these artists’ pieces using the Paintz app online.

Hedgehog Class recreated some pointillism using real paint and cotton buds. We then created a class pictogram and discussed which type of painting we preferred - real paint or using devices. We found out that the majority of our class loved real paint art!

Emilia (Year 1) has got her Stage 3 swimming award.

Sophie (Year 4) won ‘Player of the Week’ with L and F Girls’ Football.

Alice (Year 1) was player of the week at rugby over half term.

Casper (Year 1) was awarded his Stage 2 Swimming Certificate.

There's been lots of activity at our brilliant nature school recently. Year 6 had a go at stick whittling!

Sandpiper Class were inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy who creates art from nature.

Thank you to Mrs Alam for coming in and cooking delicious food with Y5 before half term, and sharing her love for cooking with the children.

Each of the Y1 classes will be visiting the Exe Estuary for a session over the coming weeks. Rabbit class had a wonderful time visiting the Estuary on Tuesday.

Olivia Longhorn from Y1 was player of the week in her Exmouth U6 rugby team on Sunday.

Ava in Y4 achieved her green arm band in Maui Thai boxing, and this week she was awarded a leadership badge for hard work and good leadership skills.

Isabelle in Y3 was awarded a certificate of achievement from ballet for all her hard work continuing with ballet lessons via zoom during lockdown.

Charlotte in Year Two has achieved her Level 7 award in Gymnastics.

On Wednesday 9th June Y5 took part in a 'Recycling at Home' game delivered by the Devon Waste Education Team. The children learnt about the properties of materials and their local recycling collections while developing essential team work skills.

They had a fun and energetic time sorting and learning about our every day rubbish!

Rosalee who has achieved her Level 5 Swimming Award.

Hector was awarded Star of the Week Trophy at his Thai-boxing class.

Congratulations to Elspeth from Barn Owl Class who achieved first place in the Exmouth Britain in Bloom Painting Competition in the age 6 and under category. This year’s theme was life in lockdown. She received her award from Steve Gazzard, the Mayor, on Saturday in Manor Gardens. Her entry has been put through to the regional final.

Esmé from Sandpipers completed a triathlon in Torbay.

Frankie (Maple class) getting ‘player of the week’ at Exmouth Rugby club

Tia (Rabbit class) getting ‘player of the week’ at Exmouth Rugby club

Eden (Y5 Avocets) was awarded player of the week at the girls’ football session run by Lewis and Freddie, last week

Lewis is Exmouth RFC Rugby values player of the week.

Harriet, Bumblebee Class, with her Player of the Week award from Exmouth RFC U5's

James from Sandpipers got Player of the Day at football at the weekend. He also moved up to stage 8 swimming this week.

Our new outdoor gym!


Year 2 have been learning how to cooperate with each other in our RSE lessons. We really developed the skills of listening and working together in Forest School and we made delicious s’mores.


Year 5 created ‘self esteem’ pizzas in class for children’s mental health week.


Dragonfly Class have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have written our names in Chinese, used chopsticks, learned to say 'Happy New Year' in Chinese and made lots of creations! These included dragons, which the children danced around the hall with!


At Nature School this week, we made a number line out of natural materials like twigs, pine cones and stones.


This week the Foundation children have been learning about Chinese New Year. We used masks to act out the story of the Chinese Zodiac, made and danced with dragon puppets and tried to pick up noodles using chopsticks!


Rabbit class made bookmarks.


Thomas Darville bought in some artefacts from WW2 today. They belonged to his great grandfather (Peter Bird) who was a pilot during the war.


Addition and Subtraction games and practising number bonds to 20!


Hedgehog class are getting so confident and resourceful at their number games.

image 6

Making string puppets!

image 8
image 7
image 9
Hedgehog Class at Nature School

Hedgehog Class at Nature School


Avocet Class were raring to start their Santa Dash!

Jacob, in his fab Christmas jumper, has been making 3D shapes - Snowman Family.

Oakley drawing and writing about fossils for home learning.

Luna has been baking some Christmas treats at home.

Hedgehog eduwaste

Hedgehog Class had a special 'edu waste' lesson in the Ark.

Travis lego

Some lovely artwork from Travis.

Arthur lego

Look at the great Reindeer decoration Arthur made!

Solly's lego

Solly's lego Christmas decoration caught the eye of the naughty elf!

Joseph's lego

We love Joseph's Lego bauble!

Max lego

Max from Dolphin Class made a great Christmas Tree from lLego!


Becky Mason from South Dartmoor joined us for a dance workshop for Years 1 & 4. They created a brilliant piece inspired by the Christmas story.

hedgehog dance workshop

Hedgehog Class loved their dance workshop!


Year 1 enjoying their dance workshop.


Avocets were also lucky enough to have a quick 'French Skipping' master class from Becky.


Avocets dance workshop.


Barney and Enid worked as a team to make a beautiful gingerbread house. We are very impressed!


Santa Dash!


Big smiles for the Santa Dash run!


Children took part in the National Santa Dash in their bubbles on Friday 11th December.


Evan is using the home learning sheets to make decorations.


Great home learning work Florence!


Elle has been crafting.

Elle 2

Elle made Christmas Decorations!


Nice work Freddie!

Mason & Hector

Mason and Hector have been baking!


Toby working on his home learning sheets.


Rose from Bumble Bee Class

mabel portrait of mummy

Mabel - painted a great portrait of mummy!

tommy 4 in a row photo

Tommy - played 4 in a row with mummy and won!

Ellie draw with rob photo

Ellie - did a 'draw with rob' sessions and drew some unicorns!

Florence 2

Super concentration Florence!

Elle 3

Elle was proud to share her work with us.


Home Learning: Frank looks like he's working really well.


Archie has been home learning while the class is isolating.

Home Learning: Harper shared a festive photo from home.

xmas tree photo

Here is our entry into the Exmouth Town Council’s Christmas Tree Festival! Year 6 made the decorations out of natural materials including pine cones and wooden sticks. We love it!

Rabit Class making bird feeders

Look at this fantastic bird feeder! Rabbit Class were making these at nature school to help the birds to stay healthy in the cold weather.

bumble bee class making xmas decorations

Bumble Bee Class enjoyed making Christmas decorations.

barn owl recycling workshop

Sally came to talk to Barn Owl Class about what we do with our rubbish. She talked about ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle’. They sorted rubbish into whether it was made from plastic, metal, paper, glass or cardboard.

Painting the Viking figure-heads they modelled last week.

Great concentration for the next stage of making Viking figure heads.

Some of our children who have received the 'Active Travel' Bronze Badge.

Just One Tree

Here is the certificate for our school's Just One Tree collection. Our school's 'forest' of 109 trees will remove approximately 33.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over the next 25 years.

Christingle 2020

Year 5 used our brilliant nature school environment for their science lesson.

Y5 learned that when we eat our marshmallows we turn the sugar into carbon dioxide and breathe it out. We discovered that yeast does the same thing!

Year 5 have been learning about irreversible changes at our Forest School. An irreversible change is when a new material is made.

Year 3 Volcano Building

Year 3 are learning about Volcanoes.

We love this piece of collaborative artwork from Year 3.

Bird feeders made by Hedgehog Class at nature school.

Hedgehog Class made bird feeders at nature school.

Hedgehog Class talked about how birds and other animals might be finding it hard to get enough food in the cold winter months, so we made our own bird feeders at nature school!

Based on their findings, the children had to decide whether it was a Viking, Roman or Tudor poo. It turned out to belong to Eric the Viking!

Y5 have become archaeologists and have discovered what people ate in the past. The children had to excavate a ‘human poo’* that an archaeologist had found in a cesspit. *(don't worry it wasn't real!)

Year 5 Viking Topic - making scary clay figureheads.

Year 5 created some very scary Viking designs!

Year 5 have been making Viking figureheads out of clay.

Children from Bumble Bee Class with their Diva Lamps for Diwali.

Foundation made Diva lamps for Diwali.

Hedgehog Class Children in Need 2020 activities.

Hedgehog Class joined in with the Jo Wicks workout.

Children in Need 2020 Activities.

Children used a leaf to represent sharing, sticks to represent helpfulness - and they even used school values!

Hedgehog Class made friendship potions using natural objects to represent a good friend characteristic.

Hedgehog class went to nature school and found clues from the Naughty bus (their literacy book)

Learning what different products are made of.

November 2020 - 'R-R-R'

Y5 Recycling Workshop

Y5 Recycling Workshop

Your New House Captains

Hedgehog Class

Year 5 Remembrance Display

Poppy Display 2020

Y5 Topic Work - Longboat Art

Otter Class Poppy Collage

Year 6 Nature School

Year 6 - Teamwork

Hedgehog Class

Mud Kitchen Session

Achieving together

Y3 Pirate Day October 2020

Hedgehog Class

Toasting Marshmallows

Nature School

Tasting Marshmallows

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