Year 5 used our brilliant nature school environment for their science lesson.

Y5 learned that when we eat our marshmallows we turn the sugar into carbon dioxide and breathe it out. We discovered that yeast does the same thing!

Year 5 have been learning about irreversible changes at our Forest School. An irreversible change is when a new material is made.

Year 3 Volcano Building

Year 3 are learning about Volcanoes.

We love this piece of collaborative artwork from Year 3.

Bird feeders made by Hedgehog Class at nature school.

Hedgehog Class made bird feeders at nature school.

Hedgehog Class talked about how birds and other animals might be finding it hard to get enough food in the cold winter months, so we made our own bird feeders at nature school!

Based on their findings, the children had to decide whether it was a Viking, Roman or Tudor poo. It turned out to belong to Eric the Viking!

Y5 have become archaeologists and have discovered what people ate in the past. The children had to excavate a ‘human poo’* that an archaeologist had found in a cesspit. *(don't worry it wasn't real!)

Year 5 Viking Topic - making scary clay figureheads.

Year 5 created some very scary Viking designs!

Year 5 have been making Viking figureheads out of clay.

Children from Bumble Bee Class with their Diva Lamps for Diwali.

Foundation made Diva lamps for Diwali.

Hedgehog Class Children in Need 2020 activities.

Hedgehog Class joined in with the Jo Wicks workout.

Children in Need 2020 Activities.

Children used a leaf to represent sharing, sticks to represent helpfulness - and they even used school values!

Hedgehog Class made friendship potions using natural objects to represent a good friend characteristic.

Hedgehog class went to nature school and found clues from the Naughty bus (their literacy book)

Learning what different products are made of.

November 2020 - 'R-R-R'

Y5 Recycling Workshop

Y5 Recycling Workshop

Your New House Captains

Hedgehog Class

Year 5 Remembrance Display

Poppy Display 2020

Y5 Topic Work - Longboat Art

Otter Class Poppy Collage

Year 6 Nature School

Year 6 - Teamwork

Hedgehog Class

Mud Kitchen Session

Achieving together

Y3 Pirate Day October 2020

Hedgehog Class

Toasting Marshmallows

Nature School

Tasting Marshmallows

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