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Mental Health Ambassador Training Day, 26th November 2019


Nine of our current Year 6 Ambassadors worked together with Mrs Jones,

TA for Emotional Wellbeing, to train eleven new pupils from Year 5.

In the training session, we looked at:

  • What is Mental Health?

  • Our 'Pick & Mix' - ways to help our own mental health

  • The importance of keeping connected with one another

  • Using our senses to calm or uplift us

  • How to listen to others in order to help them

  • How to sort our worries

  • Finding solutions to worries


All Year 5 pupils were recruited as new MHAs and received a certificate and a badge to wear in school. Well done to our Year 6 MHAs for the fantastic training, and congratulations to our new Year 5 MHAs!


Mental Health and

Emotional Wellbeing in our School

Withycombe Raleigh is a mentally healthy school.

As part of our curriculum we regularly support children with their social and emotional development through a programme of activities.  As examples, intervention activities may focus on helping children understand and manage their emotions, make good friendships and build resilience and self-esteem.


We promote the ‘Pick & Mix for Mental Health’ throughout our school, which encourages children to be proactive in helping their own well-being by looking at 10 things they can do to help their own mental health.

We have a Mental Health Ambassador (MHA) programme involving a select number of year 5 and 6 pupils whose role is to help develop a mentally healthier school environment.  This may involve addressing how the school promotes good mental health, being involved in assemblies that look at mental health, and looking at ways we can hear the pupil voice in our school.


For our whole school community, we regularly offer parent support courses and workshops.


During the Autumn term we run short introductory workshops on understanding and managing emotions such as anxiety, anger and grief.


Spring term is the Solihull Approach Parenting Group which aims to help parents and carers understand more about their child’s behaviour, and learn more about sensitive, effective parenting.


Summer term is the Timid to Tiger Parent Course, proven to be effective for a range of anxiety problems in children. It is for parents and carers who want to learn how to help manage their child's anxiety or to increase their child's confidence.


Parents and carers can sign up to any or all of these free workshops and courses which are promoted via our official school Facebook page.

Mrs L Jones

TA for Emotional Wellbeing

Nurture Room, Raleigh House.

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