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Kindness Week
Monday 11th July - Friday 15th July 2022

Each year we set aside a special week for every class to think about how they would like to show some extra kindness to others.

This varies across the school, with some classes choosing to go out into the community and do good deeds, such as beach cleaning for the benefit of everyone. Some classes may write special notes of appreciation for other people who quietly work to make our lives better, such as our school cleaners. 

Here's how some classes showed extra kindness in 2021.

growing happy caring hearts and

Barn Owl class wrote messages to 'unseen' members of our school like cleaners, kitchen staff and office staff. We handed them out secretly with chocolates for people to find!

Y5 had a fantastic day at the beach. As part of Kindness Week they took part in a beach clean which was run by the Devon Waste Education Team. They also took part in a beach scavenger hunt and created sand sculptures inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

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