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Wednesday 8th July 2020

We would usually celebrate Kindness Day in school on Wednesday 8th July, but this year we're asking you to think about how you can make kind gestures from home.


  • You could make a cake as a surprise for a family member, a neighbour, or a friend.

  • You could make a video call to someone who might be a bit lonely.

  • You could write a letter to someone you haven't been able to see for a while.

  • You could make a special thank you card for your parents if they have been working hard to teach you while you haven't been able to go to school!


Let your teacher know what you did to be especially kind on Kindness Day 2020!

We'll post your photos here on our special Kindness Day celebration wall - we've popped some previous photos on for now to remind you about some of the things we have done before.


VIDEO: Click to Watch Mrs Warren talk about Kindness Day 2020.


The Mewse family made a food parcel each for the Salvation Army food bank. They spent some time thinking about what would be needed and why some people are in the position that they might not have money for food, and thought carefully about the foods to include so meals could be made. They also had a moment to consider how someone may feel to receive the food and why it was kind to create the parcels.

Abi made cookies for her neighbour.

Albert decided to make cup cakes and deliver them to his friends. He chose chocolate cake and had fun seeing friends as we dropped them off. Lots of happy chocolate smiles!

Albert delivering his cakes.

Sam & Tom drew pictures for Daddy to say thank you for teaching them on Thursdays and Fridays.

Year 2 made bouquets of flowers to give to friends and family to show kindness.

Kindness Doughnut

Kindness Doughnut

Sophia's Kindness Doughnut showing all the kind and thoughtful things she does for others.

Kindness Day 2020

Kindness Day 2020

Wednesday 8th July

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