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Throughout the school year we may raise awareness for several national charity events (such as mufti day for Children in Need) as well as providing the opportunity to support other good causes. Please be reassured that participation in these events is not related to your wish or ability to make a donation. All children are invited to participate in every such event, with donations being entirely voluntary and at your discretion.

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Mrs Jones' Weekly Newsletters

The Withycombe 60 -

60 brilliant things to do while at our school.


Each year group has a list of interesting activities to work towards, with every class having their own 'postcard' to write down when they complete their activities.

We'll add to our photo gallery as we go through the year!

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The KiVa anti-bullying program.

Mrs Jones and Mr Scudder would like to introduce you to the new KIVA anti-bullying program.

We invite you to watch these short videos to learn about how we aim to prevent and tackle bullying in school, following the evidence-based KiVa program.


KiVa has been developed in the University of Turku, Finland, with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. KiVa offers a wide range of tools and materials for schools to tackle bullying, which we will be launching in school this term. Following this introduction, we'll create a dedicated webpage for KiVa as we progress through the term. Parent/carer Information Leaflet Download:

You can click the '4 arrows' emblem on the videos below to watch them as full screen.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, please click here for a transcript of these videos

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We have several student advocacy groups including the School Council, our Mental Health Ambassadors, and our School Ethos Council is starting up again this term with Mr Scudder.

Members wear their badges in school so others can identify who their representatives are.

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Happy Mothers Day 2022
The choir sang You are my Sunshine and passed their homemade cards to their mum's.

Chorister Outreach visit to Exeter Cathedral

Last November our school choir were one of three from Exmouth Primary Schools invited to attend Exeter Cathedral as part of the Chorister Outreach Programme. This was a fantastic opportunity for our choir who had an amazing time. We're able to share these videos from the day: a short version as an overview, and a longer version (on the right) which may be of particular interest to the families of children who attended. We'd like to thank Mrs Tkachova who runs our school choir club and who took the children along, and all the staff who made this possible for the children. We'd also like to thank everyone at Exeter Cathedral for inviting us to this very rewarding occasion. 

When Father Christmas came to visit!

We had the most incredible surprise visitor to school recently! None other than Father Christmas arrived by helicopter to visit the children with small pre-Christmas gifts! Obviously the reindeer are resting ready for their big day, so some friends at the Royal Marines Naval Air Squadron gave Santa a lift to school in a Wildcat helicopter! Each class had a representative go to meet Santa and collect the gifts to share with their class.

The whole school were waiting for the very special secret operation to unfold, positioned safely behind barriers as it certainly got very windy when they landed on the school field! There was huge excitement around school when we heard the helicopter approaching. We kept in the shaky video clip when they came in to land to show you just how powerful the downdraught was! 

A massive thank you to Major Moore of the Royal Marines Naval Air Squadron, RNAS Yeovilton, for organising this memorable visit. Thanks also to Mrs Jones and to the school office team who put in a lot of additional admin to get permission for the helicopter to land on the premises. Spotlight came along to record the special visit so you may have caught their footage, including an interview with Mrs Jones, on TV!

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