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Year 1

Your teachers this year are:

Ladybird – Mrs Fleming and Mrs Vivian

Bumblebee – Mrs Lock

Dragonfly – Miss Lee and Mrs Betambeau


Our intention is for all children to feel happy and confident about coming to school.

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A quick introduction to your teaching team:

Hedgehogs – Mrs Parker and Mrs Pritchard

Rabbits – Miss Neesam

Barn Owls – Mrs Warren and Mrs Gardner


Please continue to try to read daily with your child. We aim to change the reading books 3 times a week but rely upon a comment in the reading record to confirm that they have read.

Learning strategies:

The Year 2 teachers are:

Otters – Mrs Hooper and Mrs Wilson

Seals – Mrs Wellbeloved

Dolphins – Mrs Gallagher and Mrs Bradford

This is probably the most common strategy used to learn spellings:

Look: first look at the whole word carefully and if there is one part of the word that is difficult, look at that part in more detail.

Say: say the word as you look at it, using different ways of pronouncing it if that will make it more memorable.

Cover: cover the word.

Write: write the word from memory, saying the word as you do so.

Check: have you got it right? If yes, try writing it again and again! If not, start again – look, say, cover, write, check.


Reading is an essential part of your child’s learning and we expect the children to be reading for ten to fifteen minutes every day. Please write in the reading records when you hear your child read as we will then know when to change reading books. We aim to change the reading books two or three times a week, although we will not be able to change books if there is not a record of them reading at home. We give children a reading book for two nights in order to develop both decoding and comprehension skills; it is essential that time is spent not just reading the book, but talking about it as well. The children will be reading for many purposes every day at school; in phonics, reading big books, guided reading and in other contexts. At this stage of the year we ask that Parents do not change reading books unless this has been discussed with the class teacher.


The children will also be required to complete 30 minutes maths home learning and 30 minutes literacy home learning during the course of a week. As last year, please ensure that home learning books are returned by Wednesday at the latest in order to give the teacher time to mark and set new home learning.  We will not send home book-bags on a Thursday as we will need to keep them in school to prepare the home-learning. You may like to take this opportunity to read the library book or a book of your choice from home.  Book-bags and home-learning books will be sent home on the Friday.

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Year 2
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