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Year 3
Year 4

Your Year 3 teaching team:

Sycamore – Mrs Knight

Willow – Mrs Rogers

Beech – Mr Carter and Mrs Warren

Your Year 4 teaching team:

Oak – Mr Overton and Mrs Wilson

Maple – Mr Scudder

Hazel – Miss Williams

Year 3 Topic Web Jan 2020.jpg
Year 4 Topic Web Jan 2020.jpg
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Year 5
Year 6

Year 5 teaching team:

Sandpipers – Mrs Rose and Miss Harris

Lapwings – Miss Morgan

Avocet - Miss Rose

Year 6 teaching team:

Kestrels – Mr Smith and Miss Ford

Kingfishers – Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Rhodes

Osprey - Mr de Cruz

Year 5 Topic Web Jan 2020.jpg
Y6 Spring Topic Web WW2 2020.jpg
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