Joy Day 2018


On Friday 16th March the whole school celebrated Joy Day. On this special day all of the classes were mixed up, and with a range of ages in each class the older children were able to help the younger ones with their activities for the day. Children wear name stickers as they get to make new friends and work with different Teachers and Teaching Assistants to broaden their experience.


The children learned more about Easter on Joy Day and worked on Easter-themed crafts. They enjoyed making such things as stained glass windows, Easter decorations - including lovely seasonal daffodils - and other artwork including the impressive piece featuring a wooden crucifix, which was displayed in the school hall for assembly.


This is a lovely day where the school community comes together, ending in an assembly where they show each other what they have created, and talk about what they have learned during the day.

Designed in-house. Please contact the administrator