Inspirational Maths Week

Last week (9th - 13th September 2019) was Inspirational Maths Week in school. Classes took part in a range of fun maths-based activities to inspire the children to interact with the subject. Here are some of the highlights.


Year 1 Animals and Shapes

For our inspirational maths we read the story of ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell. We thought about some of the problems animals in a zoo might face and then put our maths detective hats on to try and solve them!

We used our mathematical skills to build bridges for animals to cross, to sort animals into different groups, to design new animals out of 2D shapes and to find as many different ways as possible of making new animals for the zoo. As you can see from the photographs, we had lots of fun!



Year 2 Fast and Slow Brain Games

This week for Inspirational Maths we have been learning lots of new Maths games to help improve our ‘fast and slow brains’ when calculating answers. In Noggle we were investigating different ways of making a Target number, using addition and subtraction.


In Nice and Nasty we were using our knowledge of place value to make the biggest and smallest numbers we could.  We have also been investigating 3 digit numbers and enjoying singing lots of number songs!



Year 4 Photo Gallery

Year 6 Strung Up

Year 6 worked in teams and used their fingers and pieces of string to create shapes to develop their problem solving and reasoning skills.

They also drew 3D shapes and took part in some competitive maths games.

Year 3 Numbers and Symbols
We started the week by looking at puzzles the children worked together as a team to work out a number puzzle where the numbers were replaced by symbols. They had to really think carefully about what they already knew about number sequences!


For the reminder of the week we looked at perpendicular and parallel lines, using Mondrian art to help us. Children used different lines together to create similar pieces and then extended it to their own designs. Some were trickier than others!


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